2010 – Iceland

This voyage took place between June and July 2010. It took us from Denmark through Scotland and Faroe Islands to Iceland. We stopped in 8 ports and travelled more than 1300 nautical miles.

[…] The wind was increasing, the dinghy, full of holes, was hanging dolefully from its davits, banging on the pulpit, but we were making headway towards the Faroe Islands. It was pouring, blowing and life on board started to feel like a communist regime one cannot escape :). Those, who sail on the shallow Baltic or North Sea will never understand the chaos Atlantic waves can bring. On shallow seas all is clear. You just hang on, because you know perfectly well, that the next fall is just seconds away. Atlantic waves are far more deceptive. There you are on an even keel, all is smooth and then bang – everything plummets. People fall from berths, book drop from shelves and pot and pans fly around the pantry.[…]

We really wanted to see the famous bird cliffs on Faroe Islands. The decision was quicly made. 20 miles to Vestmanna, which is in direct proximity of the cliffs and additionally we wouldn’t have to fight the current on the next day. Tidal currents on Faroe Islands can be pretty fierce.[…] Vestmanna is an absolute dump – no toilets and no water or electricity on the quay. It’s quite well described in the pilot, but even without one it’s pretty easy to enter. The port basin is deep and you moor alongside, fendered by old tires. The tidal amplitude is several meters high and there is a general store nearby. […].

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