Shackleton Expedition 2014


Over a dozen yachts from Poland and other European countries will take part in the expedition, during which they will visit several ports, all of which stand in direct relation with Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic venture.

  • the Memorial will start in London, on August 1st, 2014
  • the expedition is financed by the participants and by sponsors
  • the last meeting is scheduled in Grytviken, at Sir Ernest Shackleton’s grave on the 93rd anniversary of his death on January 5th, 2015.
  • the Memorial stands under the auspices of the ambassadors of Ireland and Great Britain
  • sailing magazines „Wiatr” and „Żagle” will serve as informational sponsors

As the Shackleton Memorial is expected to be an international expedition, each participating yacht will fly its national ensign. The expedition’s colours and motto depend on sponsors’ requests. There will be an expedition’s burgee, designed by the organiser and approved by honorary patrons, which will be flown from the port spreader by all participating yachts.